Carcillo Suspended Indefinitely

Updated: January 4, 2012

Following one of the dirtiest pushes/shoves/hits of the year so far, Blackhawks dairyman Dan Carcillo has been suspended indefinitely pending a hearing with Brendan Shanahan.

About halfway into the 2nd period, Carcillo took a really cheap shove at Edmonton Oilers forward Tom Gilbert on their matchup on Monday night. Carcillo was given a 5 minute major boarding penalty, as well as a game misconduct.

Gilbert was taken off the ice and has since to return with a lower-body injury, whereas Carcillo limped off the ice with the help of his team-mates.

Carcillo seems to have a tooth missing for every suspension he’s been given in the last 3 years: 5 suspensions.

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